Workmen make a ‘bewitching’ discovery. Do you have a story to unearth?

Water engineers recently unearthed what could prove to be one of the most infamous sites in England’s history of witches and warlocks – on Pendle Hill in Lancashire.

As a result United Utilities have had some ‘enchanted’ coverage – just take a look at this piece on BBC News

So what’s the story: Archaeologists brought in by United Utilities to survey the area found the building under a grass mound and now historians are speculating that the well-preserved cottage could have belonged to one of the Pendle witches. The building contained a sealed room, with a mummified cat bricked into the wall. It is believed the cat was buried alive to protect the cottage’s inhabitants from evil spirits… as you do!

What stories do you have that could catapult you into the limelight or moonlight come to that?

It is not a case of waiving your magic wand – just talk to your teams/staff and find out whether you have a little gem lurking mummified within your company walls (much like the old cat). And why not put a strategy in place to ensure you dig regularly for stories within your organisation?

Here are 16.5 ideas (so just a few) you might think about when trying to unearth your Pendle Hill:

  1. Carry out/publish research
  2. Customer survey: launch campaign on the back of the results
  3. Staff stories – hobbies, charity work
  4. Celebrate an anniversary
  5. Hold a debate on an issue
  6. Stage a launch of something: a competition for example
  7. Announce a strategic alliance  such as with a charity
  8. Support a local charity
  9. Gimmick/stunt – e.g. a snow globe at Gatwick/karaoke system – passengers invited inside to sing and raise money for charity in run up to Christmas
  10. Focus on a location – as point of difference – highlight the visual aspects of a celebration – eg Diwali celebrations focussed on new temple which had not opened to the pubic
  11. Which celebrities use your product/service/phone line etc
  12. Sponsor something
  13. Attend trade shows
  14. Speak at trade shows
  15. Launch a new product offer
  16. Put together a list of fascinating facts and figures to do with your industry

Get on your broomsticks and see what you can dig up!

ps If you are interested in the story of The Pendle witches, here you go 

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