Under the Fog needs your help

Help needed to get this ambulance back on the road

Spare a thought for Under the Fog – if you can help put the wheels back on their 10,000 mile charity trip to Mongolia (part of the 2011 Mongol Rally) please give us a ring.

Team Under the Fog, who jag pr has been supporting through pro bono PR,  has raised their target sponsorship for Christina Noble Children’s Foundation – £2000.00 to help children in Mongolia.

And they were planning to also donate a vehicle to Mongolia and rather than just taking any vehicle for auctioning in Ulaanbaatar they wanted to take a vehicle with a longer lasting value – an ex-Service ambulance that can be used to provide medical assistance in the local community long after they have left.

But it is off the road and Renault does not know what is wrong it  … and there are only 8 days to go before they are meant to set off from Goodwood.

Know anyone at Renault who can help? Let us know.


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