Thusha Kamelswaran website is built in 24 hours

At the 11th hour jag press & publicity was approached to design and build a ‘simple’ website which had to go live a few hours before a planned national television interview about Thusha Kamelswaran on 12.4.12.

You will remember that on 29th March 2011, Thusha was playing in her uncle’s shop in Stockwell, south London, dancing and skipping around like any other playful 5 year old when a group of young men suddenly burst in firing indiscriminately within the shop. One of the shots hit Thusha, the bullet entering her chest, and shattering the seventh vertebra of her spine, paralysing her from the chest downwards and leaving her close to death. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time changed her life forever.

This story moved us at the time and now we had an opportunity to put our skills to good use. The jag team worked tirelessly and here is the site It does ‘what it says on the tin’. The main aim was to provide a vehicle for anyone wishing to donate to do so. So if you are affected by the Thusha’s story please follow the url and give generously. Any contributions will go directly to the current efforts led by the Trident team.

The Trident team within the Metropolitan Police, investigating the shooting were so touched by this incident, they took it upon themselves to set-up an Appeal Fund to help Thusha. The team is planning to do the 3-Peaks Challenge, in 24 hours, in an effort to raise additional funds – please take a look at their website

We did not work alone on the new Thusha Fund website … the logo was designed and most of the copy submitted! And it just goes to show what you can do when needs must. And we all gave our time as a personal contribution to help Thusha through her now difficult journey through life.

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