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Shakespeare: master of communication

William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s birthday (23 April): we couldn’t let it pass without our annual Bard blog, celebrating the master of (Elizabethan style) communication.

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PR Guru: William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday

It’s William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday on 23 April and isn’t he wearing well? With all sorts of pomp and pageantry planned in Stratford-upon-Avon and even CNN offering suggestions on how to mark the special day, it’s clear that the Bard’s influence is still very much alive in today’s world of cloud, mobile and social technologies. But why?

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PR: ‘The naked truth’, according to The Bard!

It only seems fitting that on April 23, Shakespeare’s birthday (and ‘death day’), we should celebrate one of our great communication gurus who, surprisingly, has much to teach us about PR! Probably the most famous of all Englishmen, he had […]

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