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jag PR boot camp 5: test and measure

After four weeks of toning up your PR muscles in the jag PR boot camp, and no doubt developing your curling skills, it’s now time to consider how you evaluate the success of your campaign.  If you’re investing time and […]

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Careless typing is an expense your company can ill afford

Careless typing – a plague on all our houses! There was much amusement as Conservative MP Andrew Selous tweeted his support recently for the loss of benefits to foreign jobseekers unless they ‘lean English’! No one is immune to the […]

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Think before you tweet – lessons from Paris Brown

Think before you Tweet: Britain’s first Youth Police and Crime Commissioner Paris Brown may be hanging on to her £15,000 job having apologised for her ‘stupid, immoral’ tweets, but isn’t it a timely reminder of the impact of social networking? […]

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