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5 tips to improve your writing on social media

With Twitter users sending 9100 tweets every second, and with 3 million messages sent on Facebook every 20 minutes, there is no denying that communication on social media is essential for any organisation.

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Social media activity: building community and reputation

Social media activity

Tackling social media activity for your business can be time-consuming. You’re doing exactly as you were advised when you set up your company – you established a presence on social media and got to work with your tweeting and posting. But what have you gained?

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How to create your social media strategy

Social Media Strategy

A social media strategy is essential for any organisation seeking to develop its presence online in an effort to attract customers/clients, gain trust and establish its expertise.

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jag PR boot camp 5: test and measure

After four weeks of toning up your PR muscles in the jag PR boot camp, and no doubt developing your curling skills, it’s now time to consider how you evaluate the success of your campaign.  If you’re investing time and […]

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jag PR boot camp 3: PR toolkit

PR tool kits – what are they and do you have one? Making progress after the last two sessions of the jag PR boot camp?  Great!  Now that you know what you want to achieve, who you want to target […]

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Why I like swimming …

After reading recently that Virgin Media has won the WIFI contract for the London tube network we started having a bit of a rant at jag towers about how much time we spend checking emails on our smart phones. We […]

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Need a simple explanation to social media?

Here it is … what could be simpler? And this must be the shortest blog in the history of blogs! ‘Like’ us on Follow Sussex based jag pr on Twitter @jagpr ‘Like’

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Calling all councils: How ready are you for the Big Society?

Are you planning for the ‘Big Society’?  Have you decided on your local approach to community development? Perhaps you don’t know where to start? We can provide you with research, communication and social media support to ensure that you are […]

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