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Do you optimise your press releases for the search engines?

Following on from our last blog to help you craft an eye catching release … here are some simple guidelines when optimising your release for search engines. 1. Do some keyword research before you start writing: these searches will help […]

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Not getting any coverage for your press releases?

Often companies wonder why their lovingly crafted releases are being ignored and filed under ‘b’ or ‘t’ come to that! Here are just a few reasons we think this might be happening. 1. Your news release includes a typo – […]

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Pitfalls to avoid when writing an effective press release

A press release needs to be unbiased and accurate to be effective. If a journalist feels you’re exaggerating or making unsubstantiated claims, your release will be filed under ‘b’. How can you be sure your press releases are accurate and […]

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How to find the best angle for your press release

Thousands of companies are competing with you to get a journalist’s attention, particularly if they work on a national paper, online or in broadcast – so you need to do something really special with your press release. Attracting attention begins […]

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Need a press release?

Pushed for time? Need a press release and want us to sell it in? jag is now offering all in-house PRs a press release and selling in service – you don’t need to employ us full time … just call […]

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Want to learn how to get coverage in the tabloids? We set out below a few DO’s and DON’Ts

Getting stories in papers such as The Sun or The Mirror requires a whole set of different skills to getting coverage in The Telegraph for example. Here are a few things to think about.

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