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5 things PR is NOT

PR buzz

When I say that I work in PR, there is usually a silence followed by a quizzical ‘What is that?’ Equipped with my CIPR definition, I explain that it’s about managing reputation and developing mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics. With a ‘That’s nice’ à la Mrs Brown, I know that my inquisitor has grasped…very little.

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jag PR boot camp 5: test and measure

After four weeks of toning up your PR muscles in the jag PR boot camp, and no doubt developing your curling skills, it’s now time to consider how you evaluate the success of your campaign.  If you’re investing time and […]

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jag PR boot camp session 4: timeline of activity

At our back-to-basics jag PR boot camp last week, we got you exercising your comms muscles on PR tools.  Now let’s focus on a timeline – when are you going to tackle your PR activity? Taking a long-term approach to […]

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jag PR boot camp session 2: Target audiences and key messages

It’s session two of jag PR boot camp.  Fired up and ready to go?  Great; but just pause for a word of caution!  Like any good exercise programme, or diet, you need to be in it for the long haul.  […]

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Welcome to 2014 and the jag PR boot camp

Welcome to jag PR boot camp! After the festive fun and New Year celebrations, we are all busy detoxing and getting back into shape. So why not take the opportunity to tone up your company’s communications, evaluate where your PR took you in 2013 and plan your strategy for the year, and years, ahead.

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Labour Party predicament: There is nothing so futile as having the right ideas and getting no attention

‘There is nothing so futile as having the right ideas and getting no attention’.  As David Blunkett and the other ‘oldies’ become vocal once again in an attempt to get the Labour Party’s message across, you might think that many […]

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Looking ahead to 2011: why good public relations is more important than ever

As we look ahead to a bright and prosperous 2011, at jag we thought it appropriate to ‘predict’ one or two trends within the Public Relations sector for the year ahead. How is this useful to you? Well …  it […]

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Welcome to Write PR

Welcome to Write PR – the blog edited by jag press & publicity, a leading provider of communication, PR and editorial services. Over the weeks and months we plan to publish a series of […]

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