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Katy Brand tries her hand at ‘wiggling’ at the launch of the Fidget campaign

Comedienne Katy Brand tries out the interactive zones at the launch of the Fidget campaign. Photo: Geoff Caddick/PA

Following our recent blog about the Fidget campaign, which was launched today (28.6.12), take a look at some of the photographs taken at the launch by PA. Katy Brand came down to try out the different ways to keep moving […]

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There is science behind sitting on the sofa and people can improve their lifestyles by doing something as simple as wiggling or fidgeting

A new campaign, and interactive installation, to challenge the nation’s love affair with the sofa and the telly launches next week (June 28). It will introduce all of us for the first time to the quirky science of sitting. Fidget […]

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