Social media activity: building community and reputation

Social media community

Social media community

Tackling social media activity for your business can be time-consuming.  You’re doing exactly as you were advised when you set up your company – you established a presence on social media and got to work with your tweeting and posting. But what have you gained?

Social media activity for business

Social media helps us to be a part of a community (the clue is in the title!).  From a business perspective, it’s about establishing your reputation and becoming an organisation that can be trusted.

Building community

A loyal community can help to extend interest in your company, increase your visibility and reinforce that all important reputation.  Check that your efforts are focused on building a community that can support and promote your business.

5 tips for building community

Social media for business

Social media for business

1. Create the right content

  • Know what works for your industry; be relevant
  • Tailor the content to your audience and be consistent
  • Be clear about what you want your audience to do
  • Focus on content that is engaging, educational, entertaining
  • Use images – visual content is more likely to be shared
  • Don’t post for the sake of posting

2. Know your industry

  • Show that you understand what you’re talking about
  • Be an expert in your field
  • Keep up to date – lack of knowledge is a lack of credibility

3. Have a goal

  • Be clear about why you are posting or sharing content
  • Provide a clear call to action (share, like, comment, re-tweet, click through to website)

4. Check your platform

  • Make sure you are active on the most appropriate platform(s)
  • Pick a platform that is manageable for your time and resources

5. Listen and engage

  • Monitor what is being said about you or others in your field and engage with the comments
  • Let people know they are valued members of your community
  • People expect to interact with people, not a machine, so make your responses personal and individual
  • Be polite and think before you act; impulsive or repeated messages are not helpful to building a supportive community

Loyal followers can do more to promote and protect your reputation than any amount of money spent on advertising.  So be constructive with your social media activity and get building.

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