Communication Audit & Strategy

Most organisations don’t start their communication plan with a clean sheet – they have already been communicating in an ad hoc way for many years.

An audit is a way of finding out exactly what the PR activities have achieved in terms of reputation, awareness of products or services etc. They are also useful for those organisations who wish to ramp up their PR programme and need guidance on the best direction to take, or for those who feel their PR has stagnated and want to know why and what to do about it.

In preparation for drawing together a communication strategy, it is vital to carry out an audit – if you know where you are, you can plan how to get to the next stage.

An effective communication audit will identify:

  1. A snapshot of your organisation’s communication strategies, activities and programs.
  2. How past communications were handled
  3. Key audiences, what they currently know about your business, service, product or organisation
  4. What they need and want to know and how they prefer to be reached
  5. Strengths and weakness in current communications programs
  6. Untapped opportunities for future communications
  7. An assessment of the effectiveness and credibility of current communication vehicles and media, including publications, website, intranet, blogs, face-to-face communication, and other communication tools

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~ Ann Grain
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