jag PR boot camp 3: PR toolkit

PR tool kits – what are they and do you have one?

Making progress after the last two sessions of the jag PR boot camp?  Great!  Now that you know what you want to achieve, who you want to target and what you want to say, it’s time for how, or more accurately, which – which tools do you use to get the job done? Do you have a PR toolkit?

With all that research you’ve undertaken, you know where your audience hangs out.  There is little point in aiming for coverage in men’s magazines when you’re trying to reach new mums – obvious really!

colour toolsPR tools

Which of these tools is best suited to your PR needs?

  • Printed media

Local newspapers like stories about issues affecting local people.  What about regional press?

National press – getting coverage is possible, but it isn’t a task to be undertaken lightly. You need to have a story that stands out and appropriate to the national paper you are targeting! Don’t commit the cardinal sin of ringing a journalist without knowing what he or she writes about.

Industry-specific trade publications are worth targeting – they tend to be respected within their sector and it’s often easier to get coverage.

Consumer magazines: weeklies are a better bet than monthlies; check what they cover and what they don’t. I cannot over emphasize this enough.

Leaflets, brochures, and letters – if these are what your target audience reads, use them.

  • Radio and TV

Another challenge, especially if you’re looking at national coverage!  Targeting regional TV programmes or locally focused breakfast radio/regional news bulletins could herald some success.

  • Online

Determine the sites most relevant for your PR needs – don’t forget your own website! Would a Facebook or Twitter campaign (other social media sites are available) work for you? What about blogs, responding to posts in your targeted sites or creating your own?

  • And finally …

Have you thought about speaking at a conference, having a stand at an exhibition, entering awards, organising a stunt, associating with other campaigns?

Whatever tools you use, make sure they fit into the bigger picture and that the thinking is joined up!  Conflicting messages can scupper your progress.

Exhausted?  Good!  Plenty to think about in this jag PR boot camp session.  See you next week.

Next time: timeline of activity

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