PR Consultant goes native

Washing machine fittingOne of the team at jag recently took delivery of a lovely new washing machine. Hardly breaking news, you say dismissively, and you would be right, but the encounter with the workman who delivered and installed the machine prompted us to wonder what would happen if we adopted the ‘Tradesman’s Guide to Communication’ when dealing with a potential new client. Cue mood music and dim lighting as our PR Consultant goes native.

PR Consultant arrives at client’s office.

Client: Hello. I’m John Willis, I spoke to one of your colleagues on the phone.

PR Consultant: (looking at watch; wiping sweat from brow; not smiling) Alright? You want to talk PR?

Client: Yes. We’re launching a new service…

PR Consultant: (breathing in sharply) New service?

Client: Yes. It’s aimed at supporting the elderly in the local community…

PR Consultant: That’ll cost you.

Client: Maybe if I explain…

PR Consultant: (placing hands on hips, breathing in slowly, pacing and shaking head) I  don’t want to be pessimistic but I don’t think it’s going to work.

Client: But I haven’t told you what it’s about yet or how we’re hoping to promote it.

PR Consultant: (wiping sweat from brow, breathing in slowly) You might need to get a specialist in.

Client: I thought that’s what you were.

PR Consultant: Not my area of expertise.

Client: But when I spoke with your colleague he said you could do it.

PR Consultant: That’s before I heard what needed doing.

Client: But you haven’t ‘heard what needs doing’!

PR Consultant: I’ve heard enough. (Moving towards door) You’ll need to contact the office; they’ll send someone over when there’s a slot and let you know how much you owe for this call out.

Client: But you haven’t done anything.

PR Consultant: My time, Mr Willis, is precious. I’ll see myself out. (Closing door, breathing in slowly, shaking head) And not even a cup of tea!

Just a bit of fun!

Please note: jag’s PR consultant is always professional and delivers an impeccable service 🙂



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