Please British media do not revert to a 100% negative news agenda after the London Olympics

Please British media do not revert to a 100% negative news agenda after the London Olympics – continue to give us a balance of positive, edifying news as you have done during the 2012 Games.You have a role to play in our mental health!

Since the start of the London Olympics 2012, the media has been largely ‘forced’ to report on good news – yes I know @TeamGB have done us proud, but don’t we all feel much better about life because we are not flattened by the diet of negative, critical, destructive news we are usually fed by TV, radio and printed media on a daily basis?

As a PR company we know just how hard it is to get coverage for a good news story – if I had money for every time I was told by a journalist that good news does not sell I would be out on the golf course 7 days a week not working hard to make a living!

For the last couple of weeks, every time I turn on the news invariably the first news I hear is about @TeamGB and yes there is a sprinkling of ‘other’ less positive news too. But there is a balance and it feels great. Life is about balance so why do our media have to turn every story into controversy?

Perhaps every media outlet should have a target of positive, edifying news they should report on?

The truth is British media, that there is always good, positive, edifying news out there every day of the year! Do you have to wait for the Olympics to deliver a balanced news agenda?

The way the media portrays the news plays a huge role on our mental health – and as a nation we have recently been v miserable! But the reporting of the Olympics, thanks to the BBC and the printed media, has lifted us out of the doldrums.

Please British media carry on with the balance – please do not revert to the unnecessary focus on the negative in the false belief that it attracts listeners, viewers and readers!

Olympics 2012 Riverbank ArenaI was lucky enough to be at the women’s TeamGB hockey match against China on August 4 – and yes we lost 2-1 but it did not matter! It was just a great feeling to be part of something so positive. It was great to see both teams working hard and playing the game they love.

And the BBC hardly dwelt on the news that TeamGB lost – so the media is capable of focussing on the positive when it wants to!

I wonder whether newspaper sales have risen in the past couple of weeks. Look forward to seeing those figures.

People are always achieving great things day in day out – report on it a bit more than you do normally!

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