Pitfalls to avoid when writing an effective press release

A press release needs to be unbiased and accurate to be effective. If a journalist feels you’re exaggerating or making unsubstantiated claims, your release will be filed under ‘b’.

How can you be sure your press releases are accurate and unbiased? Here are a few pointers:
  1. Ditch the superlatives: Get out of the marketing mindset and into a news writing one when you are writing a press release. Don’t send out a release that reads like your brochure, website, or advertisements. Get rid of  words such as wonderful, great, best, amazing …
  2. Use statistics/facts and figures: Just make sure they are accurate and substantiate your story.
  3. Get expert third party quotes where you can: Forget the meaningless or empty quotes from executives in your company. They often add nothing to the story.
  4. Last but not least …. the headline: the headline is often the place where hype and misleading statements are made. Avoid exaggeration at all costs!

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