Not getting any coverage for your press releases?

Often companies wonder why their lovingly crafted releases are being ignored and filed under ‘b’ or ‘t’ come to that!

Here are just a few reasons we think this might be happening.

1. Your news release includes a typo – if you don’t check your release before issuing it, how can a journalist be sure you have checked your facts.

2. You don’t send it to a named journalist – you need to show that you know the reporter’s name and his or her work. So stay on top of what your target journos are writing about and then approach them with something they might want. Sometimes a national paper might want you to send a release to the newsdesk@ … but it helps to know who writes the news too!

3. You have given too much detail in the body of the press release and you take too long to make your point.  Why not use a ‘notes to editors’ section at the end of a release for all that extra information you want to convey. Also, instead of having hyper-linked phrases in the release, you include full, clunky URLs.  Don’t waste a journalist’s valuable time … get to the point and quickly.

I have deliberately kept this blog short – if you take any of this advice and find it helpful why not let me know. Thanks!

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