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NHS 111

NHS 111 service

At last some positive news about NHS 111!  A call handler at London Central & West Unscheduled Care Collaborative (one of jag’s long-standing clients) has been thanked and praised on the Guardian website for her prompt action during a call to the NHS 111 service late last year.

To celebrate International Women’s Day (8 March), the Guardian produced a short documentary of women saying thank you to other women for their help and support.  A caller, who had phoned NHS 111 in November 2014, contacted the paper with a view to thanking the nameless voice she had heard when she rang the NHS 111 service.  Without that call handler ‘I might not be standing here today,’ she says in the film.

‘I might not be standing here today’

Having been told by her GP to rest and take paracetamol, the caller contacted 111 when her pain became unbearable.  Noor Rahim, the call handler at LCW, realised from the caller’s explanation that an ambulance was required immediately.  And then, as with most calls, Noor never heard the outcome of her actions – until LCW was contacted by NHS England in response to the Guardian enquiry.

After filming the caller thanking Noor, the Guardian invited Noor to their studio to watch the recording and filmed her reaction to the words of thanks.  The film can be seen here.

Good news is great news

In the understanding that ‘good news is no news’, such positive stories are rarely heard.  Isn’t it a shame that we have to wait for a designated day before we can hear anything favourable?  With psychologists suggesting that negative news reporting can have an adverse effect on our mental well-being, wouldn’t it be great to see more of this positivity?

NHS 111 may, depending on the government of the day,  be destined for the same fate as NHS Direct (with then more money being ploughed into another new service which everyone can criticise), but let’s celebrate the positive news when the situation arises.

Any good news is great news!

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