Ministers should spend minimum six weeks caring for someone prior to drafting legislation

When I got up this morning, I not only had to get myself ready for a days work at jag press & publicity, but had to help my partner out of bed to take a shower, make the bed, prepare breakfast for both of us, make a salad for lunch for both of us, tidy the house up, feed the cat, empty the dishwasher and the list goes on and on. I had virtually done a days work before I had even left the house.

Whilst in the office I was in constant contact with home to ensure my partner is OK – I only work 10 minutes from home and could get home quickly if the need arose.

At the drop of a hat I am having to reschedule to go to the GP, the specialist etc

And lets not forget the food shopping – Tesco is not much fun when you are exhausted because you are virtually doing the job of more than two people!

After a long day in the office, I got home with a thumping headache – no one was there to look after me. Well, there is someone there but they cannot move without my help!

Ah, it must be time to make dinner, then the ironing … and it is bin night, so the rubbish needs to be put out.

The house has not been cleaned for a week – so hoovering (or is that Dyson-ing?), dusting etc here I come.

At jag pr we work with a handful of organisations that in turn support carers of one sort or another. And whilst we pride ourselves on getting under the skin of our clients’ ‘business’ and really understand the ins and outs there is nothing like having first hand experience of a situation.

The life of a carer is so hard!

But I am one of the lucky ones as this ‘existence’ will be short lived as my other half should be fine in about 6 weeks!

Nevertheless, what this time is showing me is how tough the life of a full time carer must be.

This is what the Department of Health website says about carers:

‘The Department is keen that carers, many of who don’t see themselves as carers, are offered support in considering their options and making informed choices about their lives.’

But does the government’s recently published progress report on social care funding reform go far enough?

All I know is, all ministers should spend at least 6 weeks caring for someone and then sit down and draft legislation that has some bearing on reality!

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