Messing about in boats at the PSP Southampton Boat Show

We have been a busy lot at jag over the last couple of weeks. Last Friday jag went along to the PSP Southampton Boat Show to help client, Core Elements, with some stand activity and to talk to some of the media about the new product they are launching called Body Elements.

The Body Elements team were joined on the stand by five times Endeavour Trophy winner Geoff Carveth, who helped talk to the press about his training schedule, the benefits of the product and his plans for the future.

The results from the preview day were great as the team did some great interviews with local radio stations at the show, and we have since been approached by some of the Boating media.

Supporting clients at events is something we seem to be doing more and more of at jag, so this got us thinking and we thought maybe we should share some of the wisdom we have learnt about appearing at events like these.

It’s important not to see appearing at a show as an end in itself, but also as a means of extra promotion for your product or service. Having a stand at a show doesn’t just give you an opportunity to talk to people who are there, it also gives you an opportunity to promote your stand to visitors before the show has started, and even wider still – use your show appearance to get mentions in magazines, on websites and in local papers. Choosing the right show can also strategically align your product or service with a certain target audience. Think about how appearing at these shows will change the perception of your product or service and what target audience you will be reaching by being there.

Some simple show stopping tips from jag to make the most of your event and pre and post event publicity:

  • Take advantage of all the free press offered when taking up a stand. Get featured on the website. Do they have any flyers you can distribute to promote that you will be appearing?
  • Contact the show press office. They should be able to give you hints and tips about what you can do on the stand to get noticed. They might even organise a media pack for the show, which you can be involved in.
  • What will you do at the show? Think about what you can do on your stand to generate interest from both visitors and press.
  • Tell the press what you are doing ahead of the show to drive them to your stand. Are you doing any activities they might want to come to on the day and later cover in magazines or on websites, giving your product further promotion?
  • What can you do before the show to make sure everyone knows where your stand is? Competitions, posters, magazine features.
  • Tweet, Facebook, Blog. Use social media to drive people to your stand – it’s free!

The PSP Southampton Boat Show hasn’t finished yet either so do pop along to see the Body Elements team at stand FO29 where you can hear more about what they are up to at the show.

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