Everything you wanted to know about jag senior account manager Lucy Jones

We thought we would give you a bit of an insight into another team member here at jag and into what makes us tick. Here are some things about Lucy, our Senior Account Manager at jag, which you may not know!

Name: Lucy Jones

Title: Dr (not really but if you remember the song by Aqua you will know why I said that).

Star signScorpio (although I’m always sure I was supposed to be a Libra).

I do think it’s the coolest sign of the Zodiac though and I love that the symbol is a scorpion.

Favourite saying/s:

One of my favourites has always been ‘Life without you is like a pencil without a lead… pointless’- I think I stole that from somewhere…

PR campaigns that have really impressed you:

I have always thought the Dove ‘Real Women’ campaign is one of the cleverest beauty campaigns I have ever seen. The viral You Tube video they used to show how our perception of beauty is distorted by airbrushing was a particularly brave swipe at the beauty industry which they are a part of. For me this powerful video is what made their ‘Real Women’ branding so memorable. Watch it here –

What do you love about communications?

What I love about communications is actually what a lot of people find scary about it. It’s dynamic and unpredictable. That’s why I like it. It is also very rewarding to see your campaign make a real difference for your client and know you were a part of it.

Working in communications means that no two days will be the same and there are always tough challenges that you need to find a way out of. The industry is constantly changing and never stands still.

Twenty-four hour news and social media have revolutionised the industry and given us all new challenges and something new to learn and I’m sure there will be even more innovations to come and keep us on our toes.

Favourite drink:
Non alcoholic would have to be a good old cup of tea. I drink far too much of the stuff, as much of the jag team would testify.

Alcoholic would be a cold crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc – no comments from the jag team here please!

The perfect holiday:

For me a holiday is more than just two weeks away in the sun (although I wouldn’t turn that down). In April 2011 I was lucky enough to have my prefect holiday where I travelled around Australia for five weeks, enjoying new experiences with the added benefit of some sunshine thrown in! If you can get the time off you should try it. It was an amazing experience!

Exercise… or not:

I hate it, but I do it. I have become quite a regular at the gym over the past year. My favourite is a Body Combat class, which I think everyone should give a try! It’s perfect for a bit of stress relief.

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