Looking ahead to 2011: why good public relations is more important than ever

As we look ahead to a bright and prosperous 2011, at jag we thought it appropriate to ‘predict’ one or two trends within the Public Relations sector for the year ahead.

How is this useful to you? Well …  it might help you to choose an appropriate PR consultancy to support you and guide you in the next 12 months. Here are just three of our predictions:

1. Reputation management: Reputations will continue to be at greater risk today than at any time. And reputations are volatile – it is much easier for bad news or inaccurate information to spread like wildfire through new media channels.  This ‘wildfire’ can dramatically impact your organisation’s reputation and its perceived value … and highlights the need for on-going, strategic Public Relations to ensure you stay on top of what is being said about you.

2. Engaging story telling needed: Good content and storytelling will continue to be key to breaking through the ‘noise’ online. Since your audiences have so many competing sources from which they can receive news, we all need to create new and interesting content using a variety of channels to capture your customer’s attention. At jag we use not only traditional media relations but focus on a range of digital content including websites and blogs. An understanding of different platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) and how they can be effectively applied to your business is also vital.

3. Getting your audiences on side: Organizations either rebuilding after a tough 2010 or new entities such as GP Co-operatives, will need to start from scratch when communicating with staff and external stakeholders. It is going to be more important than ever to get your ‘audiences’ on side and understanding what the issues are that affect them and you. And without a doubt, it  is always best to ensure communication is built into your organisation’s ‘business’ strategy from the start.

Have a great 2011 – and make sure communication is at the top of your agenda – you will be staggered the difference it makes.

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