John Paul II Foundation for Sport – from vision to reality on a tight budget

At jag press & publicity we have been very busy working, with our various talented partners,  on the branding of a new charity called the John Paul II Foundation for Sport (JP2F4S). The Foundation was launched last month and we are so proud of the work we did we thought we would share it with you.

The initial groundwork

To launch JP2F4S we had to start from the very beginning. While the charity already had a name, we needed to give it an identity to help bring it to life. After some initial designs, the team at jag helped to create a logo which we thought captured the spirit of the Foundation and gave it a lasting and recognisable image.

The Foundation aims to enable an ever increasing number of people – in particular the young initially – to achieve inner peace through sport guided by the principles identified by  Pope John Paul II and set out in his declarations and writing (

In discussions with our client, we thought a fitting symbol for the charity would be to use the hands of Pope John Paul II, whose passion for sport helped to bring the charity to life.  The logo was created from the last photograph taken of Pope John Paul II, during a visit to the UK. His hands could be giving a blessing or catching a ball!


Once a symbol for the charity had been developed we began to work on the website. The website needed to have a practical role, giving people background information on what the charities goals are, how they intend to achieve them and how people can get involved, but at the same time the website needed to inspire people to get involved and further shape the charity’s image with recognisable images and colours. With these factors in mind was designed, built, photographs were sourced and copy written.

jag not only worked on the design and content of the website but also on the SEO to improve the sites visibility on Google, allowing people to find the site more easily.

Social Media

As well as building a website, we wanted to connect with young people by taking advantage of the influential space of social media. We needed to build a Facebook page that would not only highlight the successes of the charity, but also encourage people to get involved and inspire them to find out more. was born!  The charity is also on Twitter – @jp2f4s A short video will soon be appearing on You Tube too! Watch this space.


Ahead of the launch of JP2F4S we thought it was important to create merchandise to help to spread the charity’s message as well as help people visibly show their support. jag used the recognisable logo to get bags, t-shirts and badges made which would help promote the work of JP2F4S. We also produced charity wristbands to help those who support the charity show they are proud to do so.

These promotional items were used at the launch event and have since been distributed to school children who are becoming involved in the JP2 Foundation.

The launch

Now that the charity had a recognisable look and feel, the focus moved to the launch itself. The event needed to work well to ensure it not only launched the new charity, but spread the word to key alliances they could work with in the future.

jag’s events team worked to ensure everything was ready on the day. We wanted to ensure the client didn’t have to worry about a thing.  In the weeks running up to the event we visited the Throne Room in Archbishop’s House, organised projection equipment for the presentations, help draft the presentations and, with the help a board member of the Foundation, secured a short video from Tom Daley to show his support for the charity which was screened during the event.

As well organising the event logistics, jag also helped organise the guest list and took on the task of inviting key media to the event. ‘Hold the date’ teasers were sent out to the media in the weeks leading up to the event, with final invites sent out two weeks before.  An extensive follow up of the media took place and five journalists were secured for the launch night. As a result coverage was achieved in key Catholic media following the event.

On the night of the launch, jag worked with the team at Archbishops House to organise the room in advance of the guests arrival, we arranged and put together goodie bags for attendees and helped prepare Mgr Vladimir Felzmann, Professor Simon Lee and Archbishop Vincent Nichols ahead of their speeches. The three presentations went down a storm and we have a feeling that might have had something to do with Mgr Felzmann doing 74 press-ups while delivering his. We were delighted that Minister for Sport Hugh Robertson was able to attend and we had fantastic feedback about the website and the logo.

During the event the website went live and we are delighted to report six schools are already in discussions with Fr Vlad exploring how they might get involved.

What a great team effort!

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