jag press & publicity recognised for a great media campaign

We have been celebrating in the jag office this week – we are delighted to report that we have been recognised by PR Week (8 Nov issue) for our hard work on the Fidget Campaign.

We like to think the key to our success is more than just understanding our client’s aims and objectives. We try to get under their skin, think about what they are trying to say, who they need to be saying it to and what we can do to make sure those messages are heard. We are no strangers to going the extra mile for our clients and seeing our results recognised in the leading magazine for our industry makes it even more worthwhile.

A bit about the project

Our client, London Arts in Health Forum (LAHF), wanted to drive awareness of the science behind sedentary behaviour and encourage the nation to get moving for at least 22 minutes a day.

LAHF worked with artist Michael Pinsky to create an interactive Fidget pop-up which would visit several locations in the UK, highlighting science behind sitting. The pop up was split into six different hands-on experiences which highlighted issues around sedentary behaviour and encouraged visitors to get active.

The objectives were to drive awareness of the science behind sedentary lifestyles and to launch the campaign nationally, whilst also supporting each of the regional events as they toured the UK.

How we did it

To launch the campaign to national press we crafted a pre-launch alert which was issued three weeks before the campaign got underway. This was then adapted for each of the regional tour locations as a teaser to let them know that something exciting was coming to town. We then used a catalogue of research to develop a press release which posed the question ‘Is too much sitting killing us?’ to highlight the serious message behind the campaign.

To keep a sense of fun, we also included some fun ideas on how to keep active, such as dancing around to your favourite song, planning an office Olympics or conducting meetings or catch up’s whilst standing.

The results

With a budget of just £5,500, our campaign generated over 90 pieces of coverage including a piece on BBC Radio 4’s You & Yours, articles in the Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and The Scotsman and the coverage helped to attract  more than 10,000 people to the various Fidget Project activities.

So don’t just sit there! Get moving for at least 22 minutes a day, get up – get fidgeting!

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