jag PR boot camp 5: test and measure

After four weeks of toning up your PR muscles in the jag PR boot camp, and no doubt developing your curling skills, it’s now time to consider how you evaluate the success of your campaign.  If you’re investing time and money on PR activities, you need to know that the communication has worked and achieved its objectives.

PR may be subtler and more difficult to quantify than other communication disciplines, but starting with clearly-defined measurable goals, and identifying how and what you are going to evaluate, will make measuring the success of your PR activity more straightforward.

Do you love your PR?

Do you love your PR?

Choose measurement benchmarks that can track progress over extended periods of time, allowing you to rectify any mistakes quickly, and keep your analysis manageable.  If you issued a press release at the start of your campaign, did you get the coverage you wanted in the publications or sites you were targeting?  Did this increase after additional activities?  More importantly, note the type of coverage; after all, the quality is more significant than the quantity.  Tone and prominence are good indicators of success.

If one of your objectives was an increase in social media activity, there are various tools to help measure the results of your efforts, quantifying retweets, followers, recommendations, for example, as well as the all important qualitative factors such as relevance, impressions and sentiment.

Sorry about all the questions in this final jag PR boot camp session, but we find it gets you thinking!

Did you aim to increase traffic to your website, by, say, 20 per cent?  What kind of improvement have you seen?  Did you aim to double the number of calls you received into your business?  Did you reach or exceed this?  Remember, the evaluation of your PR activities will only be beneficial if you identified at the outset what you wanted to test and measure.

And there you have it; the back-to-basics jag PR boot camp getting you PR fit for business!  Good luck with all your future plans, and don’t forget, if you need any help, just contact jag.

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