Welcome to 2014 and the jag PR boot camp


Welcome to 2014 jag PR boot camp

Welcome to jag PR boot camp!

After the festive fun and New Year celebrations, we are all busy detoxing and getting back into shape.  So why not take the opportunity to tone up your company’s communications, evaluate where your PR took you in 2013 and plan your strategy for the year, and years, ahead.

During the month of January, jag PR boot camp will take you back to basics as a reminder of how PR can benefit your business.

No expensive trainers or gym kit required, just a healthy dose of common sense and a good smattering of creativity and you could eventually:

  • Raise awareness of your business/campaign
  • Build and maintain your positive reputation
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field

Join jag PR in beating off the January blues and let’s get PR fit for business!

Next time: where to start.

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