jag press & publicity helps to get the nation Fidgeting: follow the success of our latest media campaign

London Arts in Health Forum approached jag to provide communication support for the launch of Fidget, a campaign highlighting the science behind sedentary behaviour which aims to get the sofa sitting generation moving for at least 22 minutes every day.

Our brief was to promote both the Fidget campaign and tour to media – the interactive Fidget pop-up, designed by Michael Pinsky, would be unveiled to media to drive awareness of the science behind sedentary behaviour and the effect too much sitting has on our health. We were then tasked with promoting the UK wide tour of the Fidget pop-up which would be appearing at eight different locations throughout the UK.

The pop-up was designed to be an interactive arts experience which fuses art with science in an engaging series of game zones in order to explain the science behind sitting on our backsides. Each of the six zones encouraged visitors to try simple activities for themselves and learn about the difference that even moderate movement can make for their health. This was also supported by an online campaign run by YouthNet which aimed to engage young adults online with a viral video and competition encouraging them to start moving for at least 22 minutes a day.

To kick off the campaign we developed a pre launch alert focusing on the average TV watcher, who sits in front of the box for at least four hours each day. This highlighted the science behind too much sitting and warned of the effects this can have for the nation’s health. Following this, we developed a press release with the emotive title ‘Is too much sitting killing us?’ targeted at national media. Although we wanted to focus on the serious messages behind the campaign we also wanted to keep it fun so encouraged people to think about how they can get fidgeting.

As a result of our push to national media Dr Wilby Williamson, chief fidgeter and the scientist behind the project, featured on BBC Radio 4’s You & Yours (listen here – 36 mins in) programme to explain the science behind too much sitting and shared some of his top tips to get people wiggling at will.

Following the launch there was also extensive national coverage in the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Sun, BBC Online, Metro and Scotsman. The story was also featured on a whole host of websites from the UK and around the globe including Yahoo, Pulse and a long list of international online news pages which also mentioned the website and further encouraged online engagement.

Following the national launch we turned our efforts to the regional media to promote the nationwide Fidget tour by conducting an extensive media drive we focused on each of the tour locations.

So far the campaign has received over 80 pieces of coverage, including print, online and broadcast with five regions on the tour still to go.

And all this for a budget of just £5,500 – not too bad eh!

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    So pleased with our results on this – very proud 🙂

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