5 tips for improving your bottom line with PR

Use PR to improve your bottom line

Use PR to improve your bottom line

Everyone knows that improving your company’s bottom line is key to building success for your business.  But how many people take the time to consider how PR can contribute to that improvement?

With some strategic planning, your PR activities can nurture leads and support marketing initiatives.

 Here are 5 ways to improve your bottom line using PR:

  1. Joined up communication – say the same thing internally and externally. Consistency is the key to building a reputation on both sides of the fence. In practical terms: What are your key messages?
  2. Put in place an on-going, planned media strategy to reach your local, trade and national media (if appropriate). This is one of the most useful ways to communicate with all audiences at the same time and create a profile. In practical terms: Do you have a media strategy with a timeline of activity for 2016/7?
  3. Put in place a strategic, co-ordinated social media strategy and make sure it is part of no.2 above. This is a powerful tool which is ignored at your peril. In practical terms: Do you have a Twitter or Facebook presence but don’t know what to do with it?

    Develop a social media strategy

    Develop a social media strategy

  4. Build strategic alliances with key opinion formers or other organisations. This will also shape how others perceive your business. These relationships, for example with a local charity, can help add credibility to your business or show a more human side. In practical terms: Who are your strategic alliances and when was the last time you helped each other?
  5. Lobbying – some organisations build their identity by calling on decision makers to bring about change that will benefit their members or customers. In practical terms: Do you have a strategy to communicate with your key opinion formers?

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