I moust-ache you a question – do you love Movember as much as @jagpr does?

As a company well recognised for our work in the charity sector, we [jag press & publicity] have nothing but praise for the UK’s involvement in Movember, and I moust-ache (do you love the pun?) what is the key to its success? The UK is second place on the Movember Leader Board, raising a whopping £6,877,006 so far this year!

As you may know Movember is a new initiative set up in the last couple of years to help raise money and awareness for the prevention of male cancer. Thousands of men around the globe put down down their razors for the month and let their facial hair loose on to the world. We are asking, what makes it so popular?

Movember fills a niche. Men lack a cause they can rally around, for them there is no Breast Cancer Awareness Month. By positioning itself as a ‘manly cause’ Movember gives men something unique and meaningful to celebrate, making moustaches the equivalent of pink ribbons.

There’s no denying, it is universally funny and easy to do. There just is something funny and entertaining about moustaches. A lot of Movember campaigns capitalize on this and centre on the idea that almost everyone finds moustaches inherently amusing.

There is also the viral side of the campaign. Other fundraisers typically recruit its participants to do something high-profile (and high effort): running a marathon or shaving your hair. The nature of Movember, on the other hand, makes it effortless to share with your friends. With current technologies and social media, all it takes is a photo upload and the world knows you are a part of the campaign. This leads to another point: it is super social. Movember enables participants to easily spread the word on their own.

In terms of its target demographic, it is completely suited. It’s a no-brainer that Foster’s and Schick (to name a few) are sponsors of Movember. These companies have major marketing budgets that further legitimise Movember and push its awareness beyond what they could normally get as a non-profit. Compared to other fundraisers, it’s smart that they’ve chosen to focus on the fun, positive aspects of fundraising, as opposed to the typical approach of tugging at your heartstrings.

So whether you are giving your razor a month off, or just sponsoring those ‘Mo Bros’, you can find out more information from the Movember website:

So come on girls – we need to up our game. There must be something significant and fun for us ladies to get involved with? Watch this space – maybe the next jag campaign will be the answer!

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