How one client benefited after involving jag in its publicity

We have decided we should do some shouting out about the great media work we do at jag so here is a summary of a simple and speedy campaign we recently put together that got some fantastic results for our client.

Earlier this month we had a call from the guys at the Arlington Bluebell Walk and Farm Trail to see if we might be able to help give them a boost on visitor numbers. The walk usually closes in early May but due to the wet weather the bluebells were still in full bloom (I guess the unseasonal cold and rain does have some benefits after all).

English bluebells at Arlington Bluebell Walk, East Sussex

Of course we jumped at the chance to get involved and sent Ann, our resident photographer, down with her camera to get some pics of the flowers in all their glory.

Knowing how much we Brits love a story about the weather and with more dreary conditions predicted for the South Coast, we put together a short release using the angle that it isn’t all doom and gloom. The wet April and May was providing some extra time to enjoy one of the most beautiful English flowers that grow in our woodland. With our story and images ready, we began to contact local papers, TV, radio stations and websites with the news.

We had some great pick up from the local media who loved the angle and we had over 10 pieces of coverage in local press highlighting the extended time visitors now had to enjoy the walk, and, more importantly, the bluebells. The walk was even featured on Meridian news to show the benefits of the wet spring weather.

The coverage generated an extra 1,000 visitors to the walk – an extra £8,000 for Arlington. Our fee, by the way, for this one off project was about 6% of that figure. What a return on investment for our client!

This just goes to show – if you have something to say, however big or small, if you say it in the right way, to the right audience, at the right time, it can have a really positive effect on your business and your sales.

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