Horse meat – the truth is out there

Ken, my local butcher, says he’s never had it so good.  With Nestlé now added to the long list of ‘inconvenience’ food magnets with horse issues, it looks as though Ken’s profits will continue to soar.  Good for him!  Maybe now we’ll start cooking from scratch and stop poisoning ourselves with excessive salt, sugar and peculiarly named additives.

The horse conspiracy (Shergate?  Oh please!) has prompted us to examine food packaging and discuss our ignorance of the food chain.  Which is more shocking: eating horse or swallowing the self-realisation that we accept what we’re given without question because we don’t have time for anything else?  Who can we believe now, if ‘every little helps’ us to eat equine?

It seems that we too willingly succumb to the authoritative voices of the big and the bold.  If they shout loudly enough, and repeat it often enough, it must be true.  We too readily accept what is written on the packaging; we too easily believe what we read in the paper/online, and we too foolishly give credence to what we are fed by those who say they know best. But what is the truth, of any matter?

From retiring popes to tragic paralympians; from tax avoiders to a “machine-made” princess, who or what do we believe?  Who are we to question the Vatican, but doesn’t it seem strange that Pope Benedict XVI, the first pontiff in 600 years to resign, cites ill health for his departure?  Surely ill health is part of the job description.  And as the circus unfolds in South Africa, where the media do not face the same restrictions as in the UK on reporting court proceedings, is Oscar Pistorius to emerge as villain or victim of circumstances?  Depends on the day of the week, it seems.  Millionaires accusing international companies of tax-avoidance?  No laws broken, of course; or are there different strokes for different folks?

Award-winning novelist ‘disses’ duchess?  How dare she!  But if she is offering a sane criticism of the modern royal woman, what an interesting intellectual social commentary!

Someone somewhere (that elusive gatekeeper) decides what we need to know and we seem to accept it as the truth.  Then a horse rears its ugly head and we don’t know which way is up.  I won’t dare to proffer the adage of ‘trust no one’, but being a critical reader/listener/viewer might help.  Stop, look, listen; and then decide what feels right.

The truth is out there; we just need to look a little harder to find it.

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