Guide Dog Dudley is two: sponsors jag pr celebrate

A big happy birthday from all at jag to Dudley, our sponsored guide dog, who will be two on Saturday, 8 February!

Playful DudleyGuide Dog Dudley has come a long way from the playful pup we saw back in 2012 (, but it seems that he has had to go back to training school as he is too easily distracted by other dogs.  Still a big pup who wants to play!

Working with his new trainer, Dudley has been learning to be more focused when guiding rather than saying ‘hello’ when he sees another dog.  He’s also been navigating his way through Leamington Spa’s town centre, looking out for narrow gaps and obstacles.  Apparently he is “very laid-back and easy to handle – a true gentleman!”  That’s our boy!

Dudley at 2According to Guide Dogs, every hour another person in the UK goes blind.  Isn’t it reassuring, then, to know that one day that person will find support in a dog like Dudley?  Various charities, in additional to Guide Dogs, are involved in utilising the potential of man’s best friend, including Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Dogs for the Disabled, Canine Partners, Support Dogs and Medical Detection Dogs.  Yes, the working dog has always fulfilled a role, whether herding sheep or patrolling the trenches in WW1, but detecting illness, helping children with autism, unloading washing machines…wow!  Maybe they should available on the NHS?

We may be losing some of the shine from our reputation as a nation of animal lovers, with recent stories about monkey cruelty in Basingstoke (thankfully Milo is now being cared for at Monkey World) and attacks on a horse in Redhill, but at least we didn’t cull the stray dogs before the Olympics in 2012.

Anyway, happy birthday to ‘our’ Guide Dog Dudley and, to avoid upsetting my cat, hi to Rosie who helps me in her own little way.

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