How to find the best angle for your press release

Thousands of companies are competing with you to get a journalist’s attention, particularly if they work on a national paper, online or in broadcast – so you need to do something really special with your press release.
Attracting attention begins with finding an interesting angle for your story.
Obvious I know, but you will be surprised how many releases are filed under ‘b’ in a newsroom. When I worked full time as a journalist I could have made a fortune if I had charged £1 for every news release I threw in the bin because I either could not find the angle or it was boring. Don’t let that happen to your releases.
When trying to figure out the best angle for your story/press release, here are just a handful of questions you can ask yourself … pin them up somewhere!
  1. Can I tie my company into either a national or local current event or other popular news story?
  2. Do I have a different ‘spin’ I can put on an old story?
  3. Does my story tie into seasonal changes or activities?
  4. Is my organisation doing something that makes us stand out from our competitors? Make sure it is good though!
  5. What problems do we solve? We are all looking for solutions!
  6. Can we find industry trends we can comment on for our story?
  7. Do I have any good statistics or case studies I can issue with the press release?
  8. Do I have clients who I can get a quote from?
  9. Has someone at my company received an award?

Of course there are loads and loads more questions you can ask. These are just some that might help you.

And once you have written your release …
An editor of mine a few years ago once gave me an invaluable piece of advice … “when proof reading your story”  he said, ” imagine it has been written by someone you don’t rate that much as a writer and then proof read it”.
He was right … we are less critical of our own writing then we are of other peoples. Give it a go!
And you know where we are if you need any help.

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