Do you optimise your press releases for the search engines?

Following on from our last blog to help you craft an eye catching release … here are some simple guidelines when optimising your release for search engines.

1. Do some keyword research before you start writing: these searches will help you work out the exact words your potential client are using when searching for your services or products.
2. Don’t sacrifice a story that flows … for SEO. Good SEO is about crafting an easy-to-read release that is also optimised for the search engines.
3. Place keywords toward the top: in the headline, subheading, and first paragraph of the release. Don’t forget them at the end as well. Most people do!
4.Don’t waste your time measuring the number of keywords you use, because there is no magic number. Instead, focus on creating a rythm in your press release.
5. Last but not least, use keyword-rich back links: e.g., if you’re linking to a page on your website about red bananas,
your back link should include the words red bananas. This lets the search engines know what the target page is about,
helping to rank it.

Follow these 5 tips and you should be able to enjoy high search engine placement and good  media coverage.

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