DIY PR packages

Think you can’t afford PR? Think again.

If you are a start-up, a small or medium-sized business or a charity, looking for expert but affordable PR guidance, then jag’s DIY PR packages are just for you.

Tried and tested, and with a consultation included in most of the options, the packages are designed to meet your communication needs as part of your business strategy.

And there’s no commitment or monthly fee. Just buy what you need online and put the guides and expert advice into practice.

DIY PR packages

Depending on your requirement, and your budget, you can select from a range of packages to help you achieve your PR objective: from a press release template and bespoke media contact list, to a social media strategy, to a full package of guides, templates and advice.

Choose what will suit your immediate needs or plan for the future – you decide.

Not convinced you need PR? Read ‘The Benefits of PR’ and then ask yourself if you can actually afford to be without it.

jag’s DIY PR packages provide:

  • Affordable PR that you can do yourself
  • Templates and guides designed by an experienced PR practitioner
  • Consultation with jag’s Director (most packages)

DIY PR pricing inc VAT

The following packages are available:

Press release

Got a story to tell? Want to get it noticed? The press release DIY PR package will provide you with a guide on how to write a great press release and includes an example which received coverage, illustrating how the guide is put into practice. Most importantly, the package includes a bespoke media contact list based on your requirements, taken from a nationally recognised journalist and media database.

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Press release plus 30 minutes consultation

Need a PR expert to review your press release? Follow our guide and example and you’ll be on the right track, but if you need some extra input, this DIY PR package is for you. With a 30 minute consultation included, you can write your release, email it to jag and receive feedback and ideas for improvement. The half hour allocation includes jag’s review of the release and a brief consultation via phone or email if you prefer.

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Press release and how to sell-in a story plus 30 minutes consultation

Not sure how to sell in your story to journalists? With this DIY PR package you can write a great press release, following the guide and example, get the contact details of journalists whose publications are read by your target audience and learn how to pitch your story or follow up your release. All this and a 30 minute consultation to review your press release and/or discuss how to deal with the journalists with whom you want to build a relationship.

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Strategy Drawing

Communication strategy plus 60 minutes consultation

Support your business goals with some strategic thinking about your communication activity. Every organisation, however small, needs a communication strategy to focus its PR efforts and get its message across effectively. This DIY PR package provides you with a detailed step-by-step guide, with examples, on how to put your strategy together and includes a template for you to complete. As a communication strategy is essential to support your business plan, a one hour consultation is included with this package. You can split the time according to your needs.

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Communication and social media strategies plus 60 minutes consultation

Need to extend your communication strategy to include a detailed focus on social media? This DIY PR package provides you with a step-by-step guide, and templates, on how to put together your communication strategy and how to develop your social media strategy. A one hour consultation is included in this package, where jag’s expert can advise you on either or both of the strategies. Split the time according to your needs or use in one session.

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Communication and social media strategies plus 120 minutes consultation

Looking for greater input into your communication and social media strategies? The step-by-step guides and templates in this DIY PR package will provide you with the necessary focus for your strategic planning – a necessity for any organisation. The addition of a two hour consultation offers you the opportunity to get some expert advice on your goals, direction and communication activity. The time can be used in one or two face-to-face meetings (if you are local) or Skype calls, or in shorter sessions – you decide the approach.

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Full package plus 60 minutes consultation

Serious about tackling all aspects of your communication activity? The full DIY PR package provides you with everything you need to get you focused on your strategic thinking: communication and social media strategy guides and templates, step-by-step guide to writing a press release (and a bespoke media contact list), advice on how to pitch your story and how to take better photographs to support your PR. The one hour consultation can be split into shorter sessions if this is more suited to your needs.

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Full package plus 120 minutes consultation

All aspects of your PR activity covered plus a two hour consultation – this is our most comprehensive package. Providing you with strategy guides and templates, a press release writing guide, advice on how to pitch your story and how to take better photographs, this DIY PR package benefits from a two hour consultation with jag’s Director. The time can include a face-to-face meeting (if local) and/or a Skype call in one or two sessions, or shorter consultations over a number of sessions, depending on your needs.

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