How to create effective communication

Effective communication

Wanted: Effective communication

Effective communication seems like an obvious requisite for anyone striving to implement a successful campaign.  But as the fall-out over Brexit suggests, for some individuals this is easier said than done.

As politicians dither/resign/renege, people protest and the markets yo-yo (and that all in the space of five minutes), we are looking for someone to reassure us, someone to stand up and explain clearly, in a way we can all understand, this is what we’re going to do next.  Hopefully this someone will be aware of the 4Cs of communication.

Effective communication

1. Comprehension

The easiest way to ensure a message is understood is to keep it short and concise, simple but not simplistic.  Jargon and excessive detail cloud the issue; if the message is clear it will be heard. Remember KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.

2. Credibility

An important message must be supported by data and research, or come from an authority that is trusted.  The audience needs to believe who is saying it and what is being said, and they also need to believe how that message is being said.  Credibility is key.

3. Connection

For any message to hit home, it must resonate with its audience. It must have meaning and significance for them in order to evoke an emotion or response.  When a connection is made, it will move the audience to action, even if it is just to tell a friend.

4. Contagiousness

The intended audience may listen and respond to your message, but to have a significant impact, it needs to be contagious.  A message that is energetic, different or memorable will spread – the bigger its talk potential the better.

The 4Cs provide direction and guidance for effective communication.  We can only hope that our politicians remember to apply this model to their post-Brexit campaigns.

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