How to create your social media strategy

Social Media Strategy

A Social Media Strategy is essential for any business

A social media strategy is essential for any organisation seeking to develop its presence online in an effort to attract customers/clients, gain trust and establish its expertise.

With a plethora of social media sites available, it is important to identify which will be most beneficial to post to and how frequently you want to engage in the social media conversation. You will need to be clear about why and how to engage your current and potential customers and know how to measure your success.

Follow the steps below to get your social media strategy on track.

1. Identify your business’s social media goals

As with your business objectives, your social media goals need to be specific, realistic and, of course, measurable. Without focus, your efforts will be pointless.

2. Audit your current social media status

If you are already using social media, identify who is currently connecting to you, which sites your target audience uses and how your presence compares with your competitors. If you aren’t yet using social media, identify which sites will be most beneficial to you. You could invite current customers to complete a survey. In addition, you will need to research your competitors – what they do well and not so well on social media.

3. Develop your content strategy

Identify the following:

  • The type of content you intend to post and promote
  • The target audience for your content
  • Who will create the content
  • How often you will post content
  • How you will promote the content

4. Use analytics to track your progress

There are various analytics tools available. Choose those tools most suited to your needs and find out who is reading and responding to your posts.

5. Review and adapt your social media strategy

Analyse your campaign and identify what is and isn’t working. Do more of what works and revise things that aren’t so productive. Re-write your strategy and review regularly.

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