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5 tips to improve your writing on social media

With Twitter users sending 9100 tweets every second, and with 3 million messages sent on Facebook every 20 minutes, there is no denying that communication on social media is essential for any organisation.

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Social media activity: building community and reputation

Social media activity

Tackling social media activity for your business can be time-consuming. You’re doing exactly as you were advised when you set up your company – you established a presence on social media and got to work with your tweeting and posting. But what have you gained?

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How to create your social media strategy

Social Media Strategy

A social media strategy is essential for any organisation seeking to develop its presence online in an effort to attract customers/clients, gain trust and establish its expertise.

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12 comms tips for Christmas 2013

As we all head off for Crimbo it can be easy to think just because the office lights are off and the doors locked until January (for a lot of us), that it’s the last time we have to think […]

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Think before you tweet – lessons from Paris Brown

Think before you Tweet: Britain’s first Youth Police and Crime Commissioner Paris Brown may be hanging on to her £15,000 job having apologised for her ‘stupid, immoral’ tweets, but isn’t it a timely reminder of the impact of social networking? […]

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Social Bookmarking and PR: Making Friends and Influencing People

Social media PR cheat sheet

If you belong, like me, to the generation who considers it normal to actually have met most of your friends in the flesh you’ll probably be a little wary of all things techie, especially techie things which involve the word […]

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Need a simple explanation to social media?

Here it is … what could be simpler? And this must be the shortest blog in the history of blogs! ‘Like’ us on Follow Sussex based jag pr on Twitter @jagpr ‘Like’

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Do you optimise your press releases for the search engines?

Following on from our last blog to help you craft an eye catching release … here are some simple guidelines when optimising your release for search engines. 1. Do some keyword research before you start writing: these searches will help […]

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