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Energy price rises: someone tell us the truth

Things are hotting up in parliament!  If this week’s Commons question session is anything to go by, there’ll be no extra jumpers required to keep warm at Westminster this winter, as tempers flare and disputes rage.  Are the wheels finally […]

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Is ‘hug a hoodie’ the way forward? Melissa Jane Knight, a specialist youth worker in SE London, comments on the summer riots

Lucy Jones, one of the jag press & publicity senior team, has been helping a contact with her pr. Read what Melissa Jane Knight believes is the solution to the recent rioting in London. Great to see someone so passionate. […]

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Are you making the most of your Facebook fan page?

How are you getting on with the new Facebook fan page layout? Is your brand marketing taking full advantage of it? The changes require us all to think about our branding strategy! Facebook’s new layout now gives you over two-thirds […]

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Are the wheels falling off ‘meals on wheels’ for the elderly? This risks widespread malnutrition amongst this vulnerble group.

How can any County Council conceive of cutting or restricting community meals (previously called ‘meals on wheels’) for the vulnerable elderly up and down the country and still sleep at night? According to our client, the National Association of Care […]

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Spare Some Time To ‘Knock on your Neighbour’ this Christmas

Please support the National Association of Care Catering (NACC) campaign and spare some time to call in on at least one elderly relative or neighbour during the Christmas break to make sure they are keeping well and warm throughout the […]

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Malnutrition is fast becoming the 21st century’s silent killer

A shocking state of affairs – at jag we are pleased our clients are campaigning to end this disgrace – read the lead story in Mature Times(opens in separate window)

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