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Summer of love: finding positive messages

Good news

After all the madness of the past few months, we have decided it is time for a summer of love. At jag, we want to concentrate on more positive messages.

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Feel the messages: Theresa May’s first speech as PM

Larry the cat

With her first speech as Prime Minister, Theresa May put down her marker and defined her messages. But was the feeling congruent with the words?

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How to create effective communication

Effective communication seems like an obvious requisite for anyone striving to implement a successful campaign. But as the fall-out over Brexit suggests, for some individuals this is easier said than done.

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We must learn from EU Referendum PR campaign disaster

Running a micro PR consultancy you would expect me to have views on how the EU Referendum PR campaign was executed these last few months and how the ‘rebuilding campaign’ should be run now. First of all, I must get this […]

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Reputation is king in PR: ask Richard III!

Reputation management

Reputation is, indeed, king if events in Leicester this week are anything to go by. Respect to Richard III’s PR team!

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Today programme in pooh-pooh shock!

It isn’t often that I stop in my tracks whilst listening to the Today programme on BBC Radio 4. Shout at it, yes; tweet in response to an interviewee’s ridiculous observation on the NHS/education/politicians/oil prices (delete as appropriate), yes; but stop? Rarely. However, on this occasion, stop I did.

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Scottish independence: which spin do you believe?

The truth is out there

Who can we trust and believe? The battle over Scottish independence has left me wondering this once again, just as I was in November last year over Plebgate, energy price rises, the end of shipbuilding in phone-hacking et al. Which spin do you believe?

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Communicating illness: let’s talk about mental health

We were particularly saddened this week at jag by the news that Robin Williams had taken his own life. Whilst the tragic loss of a great talent has been the predominant focus of the media’s reporting, his untimely death has once again highlighted the difficulties of living with depression.

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International Women’s Day on March 8 – why are senior PR women not paid the same as men?

It’s International Women’s Day on Saturday, 8 March, a day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.  Whilst it celebrates success, it also reminds us of the inequalities which still exist.  And in the […]

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Who can we trust and believe? How do you know the truth when you hear it?

Who can we trust and believe? Here are just a few issues in the media that have you wondering: Plebgate, Colchester Hospital cancer scandal, energy price rises, the end of shipbuilding in Portsmouth, phone-hacking … With 1800 jobs being cut […]

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