Website design for RSPCA London South East Branch

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RSPCA London South East Branch website design

Another website design completed at jag press & publicity – and we love the final product.  Nothing to do with the fact that there are lots of photographs of animals – although that helps!

The RSPCA London South East Branch contacted jag in search of website design.  They needed a more modern, responsive site that was easy to navigate, intuitive and colourful.  Having seen sites that jag had built in the past, they knew they were in capable hands when it came to advising, designing and creating a website which would promote the organisation’s good work.

With Ann Grain’s background at the RSPCA, understanding the organisation’s requirements was easy.  As with any charity, there was a limited budget, but within that jag was able to accommodate their needs – and more.

It was essential that the organisation could update the website themselves – an important feature when you are involved in helping animals and time is of the essence.  WordPress is ideal for self-management, with a little guidance; an effective way to produce a colourful and intuitive website that catches the eye and can provide optimal viewing across different devices.

jag updated the copy from the old website and, with the help of the client, sourced new images to provide a fresh appearance.

The end result is “everything we wanted and more”, according to David Mawson, Trustee at the RSPCA London South East Branch.  “Thanks to (Ann) and the team back at jag we have a great site.”

If you are looking for website design, contact Ann Grain on 01403 793836 / 07861 376844 to see how jag can help, or email

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