Virtual Doctor Project now working with jag pr

VDP operates in Zambia

VDP operates in Zambia

It’s always exciting when something comes along which really fires the imagination, and even better when it combines the two loves of health and communications!  jag press & publicity is delighted to be providing pro bono support to the Brighton-based Virtual Doctor Project (VDP) which uses telemedicine to help save lives in rural Africa, and we hope we can do our bit to raise awareness of their fantastic work.

What is the Virtual Doctor Project?

Using mobile broadband networks, the VDP connects clinical staff in isolated areas of Africa with doctors and specialists all over the world to assist with the diagnosis and treatment of patients.  These ‘virtual doctors’ donate their time for free.

What is the aim of the project?

“To help promote the local primary healthcare in some of the most remote and impoverished areas of Africa…Advances in mobile communication networks allow us to offer a telemedicine system which helps local staff to prevent unnecessary mortality and reduce the number of referrals…(so that) children can be at school and adults can work to support their families.”

Where do they operate?

At the moment, the Virtual Doctor Project offers telemedicine support in Zambia, where one in 12 children will not reach the age of five and 12.5% of the adult population are HIV positive (UNICEF 2011).

To find out more about this amazing project and how you can help, visit

If you would like to contact jag about this or any other project, please call Ann Grain on 01403 793 836, or email

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