Video Marketing: a vital part of your PR activity

Using video in PR: Natasha Kaplinsky talks about LCW

Using video in PR: Natasha Kaplinsky talks about LCW

PR is not just about the written word. At jag, some of our time is spent producing printed publications, but visual content is rapidly taking the lead and it is essential that we encourage our clients to grasp the opportunities that video marketing, in particular, can provide.

When NHS Alliance approached London Central and West Unscheduled Care Collaborative about being part of the repeated newsreel to be broadcast at their Action Summit in December 2014, LCW consulted jag on the viability of such a project.

Of course, a professionally produced four minute video requires a financial investment. But the benefits of communicating an organisation’s key message through a visual medium are worth the expenditure, if you can afford it; and if you can continue to promote the video through other channels.

Once the decision was taken to go ahead with the video, jag took over the coordination of the project, liaising with LCW and ITN Productions to ensure both parties were working towards the desired outcome, advising on amendments and editing, where appropriate.

The finished product was used at the ‘Action Summit: Breaking Boundaries and Beyond’ in December, and LCW will be sending the video out to potential Commissioners.  Watch the video here.

Why use video?

Approximately 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and it isn’t all birthday parties and dancing cats. Video is more than viral consumer video; it has enormous benefits for corporate communication, B2B, CSR and public affairs.

Video marketing makes what you have to say more interesting and engaging and builds credibility with your audiences. Viewers are able to see and hear the spokesperson, rather than just reading the words on a page or screen. Seeing and hearing a real person brings the words to life and helps build trust which is essential for any organisation trying to develop relationships with its targeted groups.

If video marketing can increase understanding of your product or service by 74%, as is reported, then isn’t it time you got visual?

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