Variety of marketing materials to come out of jag press & publicity: an Annual Report, a website and a business card

A variety of marketing materials have come out of jag press & publicity

In the space of a couple of months here @jagpr we have designed a new business card for a client; designed and built a new website for another and put together an Annual Report for a third. And we thought we would let you see some of our handiwork – why? Because we are proud of it.

The business card is on the left – we feel it will stand out! Unlike so many business cards, this one leaves you in doubt what the organisation does and how to get in touch including via social media!

For the Out of Hours GP provider Annual Report please follow the url . The brief was to produce a report which was easy to read, clean layout and to be full of key messages about the quality services available.

Last but most definitely not least, take a look at our most recent website commissioned by Atrium Clinic. This is what the client said they needed: it must be packed full of information (but not too much copy); easy to navigate (really easy to navigate); target a number of different audiences (four to be precise) plus a whole host of other requirements.

And just when you think, it’s Christmas and it might slow down … we win two new pieces of work and two organisations we worked with a couple of years ago come back for more! Don’t you just love PR?

We have a variety of PR services available at Sussex based jag press & publicity. For more information do contact us at

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