UK has ‘home-grown’ Emmett practitioners for the first time!

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A hands-on technique largely unknown in the UK a couple of months ago now boasts its first 65 practitioners up and down the country. Most therapists were trained in September 07 following the first Emmett training courses run in the UK.

These courses, which are so successful in Northern Ireland, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, were run in London and were open to therapists of any bodywork modality. The courses attracted delegates from all over the UK and from a wide range of health-care professions including Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Bowen therapists, Neuro-Structural Integration Technique (NST) Practitioners, Pilates Instructors, NLP Practitioners, Nurses, Reflexologists and many more

UK Emmett Technique Co-ordinator Gillian La Haye said: “The attraction of this work is that it dovetails so easily with other modalities and is suitable for anyone from newborns to the elderly. The practitioners attending the Emmett courses are excited to find how this work enhances their practices. The response to Emmett work is immediate and lasting – this is what therapists long for – it’s like the icing on the cake!”

2008 Diary Dates

April 16/17: A second Emmett Technique training course is being held in London. The course is open to therapists of any bodywork modality.

April 27/28: By popular request Ross Emmett will also be holding a training course in Newcastle for the first time. The venue is yet to be announced.

Ross Emmett has also developed a shorter programme called ‘Easy Muscle Management’ (Emm Tech). This is being launched in the UK early in 2008 (dates to be announced) and is open to anyone, lay or practitioner.   Called EmmTech, it is a First Aid technique for use as, when and where the need arises – on the sports pitch, court or arena, backstage in the theatre and concert hall, care of the elderly, etc.

The Emmett technique, developed over 30 years by Australian Ross Emmett*, is unique in that it complements other hands-on therapies and its results, in most cases, can be instantaneous. The beauty of it is that it can be used effectively as an add-on to enhance the performance of other types of muscle release and neuro-musculoskeletal therapy, or it will stand alone as an efficient therapy in its own right.

This is a simple but powerful technique and the relief it provides is so immediate that both Practitioner and client see the results before the client leaves the clinic. The technique is able to gain changes in the range of body movement, pain, posture, circulation, respiration, digestion and many more.

The Technique

As well as special language skills and word selection, the technique involves the application of light pressure at particular points, in a sequence that enables the gentle physical release of muscle groups. This sequence unlocks muscle memory giving the brain the opportunity to re-evaluate the initial trigger that created the neuromuscular problem in the first place. The light pressure sequences desensitise these areas and the positive effect ensues.

The language skills and word selection used create an attitude change in clients, lending permanence to the physical changes. The treatment can be done fully clothed and is suitable for people of all ages from the newborn to the elderly and frail.

Two quotes from two UK Emmett Technique therapists – two of many success stories so far!

“I am treating one client at the moment (quite a large gentleman) who is bent over quite considerably.  This is due to a lot of heavy weight lifting and not enough stretching and possibly his lifestyle – he drives a lot.

“After the first session it was noticeable that he was more up right.  I also hasten to add that whenever he was lying down he would snore and breathe through his mouth – very noisily. During the second session, after releasing his chest areas and working into his TMJ, he stopped doing this and was breathing through his nose – with his mouth closed.  He said he has not been able to breathe through his nose for years. That is amazing – it is really wonderful to see such an instant result.”

“I treated a lady who said she was suffering from a severe migraine last week. She called me later that day to thank me for getting rid of all her pain. She felt an immediate improvement after the treatment, but was so impressed with the recovery she had made she felt obliged to call and let me know.”

For more information on 2008 courses please contact: Gillian La Haye, Emmett UK Co-ordinator, on 0208 942 8759 or email

Journalists please contact: Ann Grain, JAG Press & Publicity, on 07861 376 844 or Notes to editors

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