The Country’s First Asthma Bowen Clinic Opens in Surrey on August 5, 09

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The UK’s first Bowen Clinic for Asthma and Respiratory conditions launches on August 5, 2009 at ACE Osteopaths in Surbiton, Surrey.

Although Bowen therapists treat the person not the condition, Gillian La Haye¹ is breaking with that rule in order to spread the word about the enormous effectiveness of Bowen Technique at getting to the root of asthma and hugely reducing the misery and discomforts, not to say fear and anxiety, suffered by those whose lives are badly affected by a family member with asthma.

Bowen Technique is a gentle form of bodywork which triggers the body’s own healing resources, thereby re-balancing every system, resulting in some remarkable, positive results². As far as asthma is concerned, Bowen works quickly and efficiently in very few treatments to relieve and eliminate the condition. Bowen is also harmless.

Gillian La Haye works in conjunction with conventional medicine, and encourages people to continue to carry their medication with them and use it whenever necessary and she insists her patients consult their GP before attempting to reduce medication.

“Although I treat people with Bowen for a very wide range of conditions, I have long sought the opportunity to dedicate a clinic to treating asthma sufferers with Bowen”, Gillian La Haye explains. “Tom Bowen, who brought this effective therapy into being, was looking for a method to help his wife with her chronic asthma. She was being hospitalised very frequently and getting worse and worse, but once Tom developed his respiratory technique she never had to go to hospital for asthma again.

“In my experience, people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems – whether infants, children, teenagers, adults or elderly – respond rapidly to Bowen. Indeed, often after just one treatment a distinct difference is noticed, and in time people find they need less or no medication, although we insist that people continue to carry their inhalers with them at all times.

“We recommend three treatments about a week apart to start with. After this it will be quite clear whether or not you are responding to the treatment, and we either stop because all is well, or we space treatments further apart until you reach the point you were aiming for.

“Bowen is a full-body treatment and is incredibly relaxing – even for people who find it hard to relax. Infants and toddlers can be treated in arms if preferred, and mothers often exclaim that they have never seen the child so relaxed so quickly.”

Gillian La Haye is a traditional Bowen therapist and subscribes to the philosophy that ‘less is more’. “I look to wean everyone off the treatment as soon as possible, so that the body is sustained by its own resources, rather than becoming dependent on its regular ‘dose of Bowen’”.

Everyone attending the Asthma and Respiratory Conditions clinic will also be taught a special move which can be made either to oneself or to someone else, very simply and quickly, which will ease breathing in the case of an attack, whilst waiting for the emergency services to arrive. In the general run of life, the move will reduce chest tightening, wheezing and the typical persistent cough associated with asthma, as well as the onset of a panic attack or even a tantrum in a toddler. A laminated leaflet will be available to keep as a reminder how to carry out the very simple procedure.

A spokesman for ACE Osteopaths said: “We are confident at ACE that this clinic will enhance and widen our work in the local community, and we look forward to hearing news of the many health success stories which we are sure we shall be hearing over the coming months.”

Wednesday 1pm – 5pm – Bowen Clinic for Asthma and Respiratory conditions

Gillian will be at ACE on Wednesday afternoons between1pm and 5pm. “I would encourage anyone who wishes to drop in to ask about the therapy and its suitability for their particular needs to do so.” There will be literature available to take away, giving more detailed information about Bowen Technique and Gillian’s work. Her website: gives full information, with a page dedicated to the ACE Bowen-for-Asthma clinic.

Launch discounts

The Bowen Clinic for Asthma and Respiratory Conditions is offering a 10% discount to anyone who makes an appointment between 1-15 August to have three Bowen treatments during August and September. As a launch gift Gillian will also be offering a 20% discount to anyone who comes in on 5 August and makes an appointment on that day.

For further information and to arrange an interview with Gillian La Haye, please contact Ann Grain, jag press & publicity, on 07861 376 844.

Notes to editors

¹Gillian La Haye, who has a busy clinic in New Malden, Surrey is an experienced Bowen therapist and has been practising for 15 years. She is registered with the largest professional association, the Bowen Therapists’ European Register (BTER), and was its chair for four years. Gillian is fully insured and follows a strict code of ethics and practice as required by that association

² Bowen originated in Australia in the middle of the 20th Century and was brought to the UK in the early 1990s. Because it is a very effective gentle therapy which treats the whole person, and best of all requires few treatments, its reputation is spreading fast.

Bowen Asthma Clinic for Children and Adults Starting on 5th August 2009 at ACE Osteopaths Every Wednesday afternoon from 1.00 – 5.00

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