Over 50 and have aches and pains? There is a solution

New Silicon supplement Body Elements is set to improve the daily misery of stiff joints with research showing long term use can help bone formation as well as maintain healthy joints.

The supplement will be launched at the 50+ Show where visitors can visit stand number E5 to grab a special launch deal of three packs for the price of two.

It has been proven that as we age the levels of Silicon in our bodies decline[i]. When we are young our tissues absorb and maintain high levels of Silicon and simultaneously our bodies remain flexible and resilient. But as we age our Silicon levels decrease and we begin to exhibit signs of aging such as stiff or sore joints, weaker bones and lack of energy.

Weakness in bones, joints and connective tissues are the most significant causes of muscle pain and illness in the UK. More than 10 million adults (6 million women and 4 million men) consult their GP each year with arthritis related conditions. This becomes more common with age, with 1  in 10 people aged 15-24 seeking a GP consultation each year with a musculoskeletal problem, rising to 1 in 3 people over 75 seeking consultation[ii].

The unique Body Elements supplement, made from a stable, bio-available Silicic Acid (a compound of Silicon) solution, is the first of its kind and uses a combination of essential elements including Selenium and Zinc. It is precisely the combination and synergy of these elements, and the manner in which they are linked, that makes Body Elements so effective and enables the body to absorb it better than any other Silicon product on the market.

Research has shown adding Silicon, Selenium and Zinc to the daily diet improves resistance and elasticity within the body. This could help in terms of suffering fewer diseases and bone related and connective tissue injuries.

Mrs Spittle, a 70 year old pensioner from Purley in Surrey, has been using Body Elements for three months and says: “Since taking Body Elements I have noticed an improvement in my general mobility particularly in my lower limbs. I have also found my nails are stronger and despite my age, believe it or not, my hair has started to slowly grow back.

“I think everyone my age should take Body Elements and I am really pleased with the difference I have seen in my mobility.”

Body Elements is safe to take with most medication and has no side effects.

Body Elements retails at £17.95 for 14ml (one months supply) and is available to order from www.coreelements.co.uk


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