No room at the Inn. Ever thought of a Yurt?

No room at the inn - try a Yurt

Necessity is most definitely the mother of invention – take a look at this seasonal story, uploaded by Sussex-based jag PR, on the personality disorder website.

The new community personality disorder project in Slough has no room at the Inn. Wexham Park Hospital is now so crowded, no new space can be found for the psychotherapy group in the new intensive treatment programme.

But undeterred, the group has bought the largest Yurt on the market, which arrived from Granada, Spain in the middle November.

In true therapeutic community spirit, staff and members then set about erecting the 21 ft wooden frame through some of the coldest months in decades. It took a few weeks to put up as the ‘Team Yurt’ did it entirely in their spare time. But of course before erecting it, the freezing ground had to be prepared to accommodate the foundations!

Run as a ‘median therapeutic community’, the programme takes place all day on Mondays, plus therapy groups on Wednesdays and Friday mornings. For the rest of the week, members get involved in ‘green care’ which is run as a social enterprise, called Exclusion Link, by doctors, nurses and other people interested in using nature as part of therapy programmes.

The Yurt was part of a bid, submitted by Exclusion Link to mental health charity Mind and the National Lottery, for funding to run the Green Care project for two years.

The meridian therapeutic community programme is led by Rex Haigh (consultant psychiatrist), working with a nurse from Thames Valley Initiative, Sheena Money and a horticulturist, David Hare.

While the Yurt is being built, the community meetings are being held in a disused poly-tunnel – sitting on straw bales around a wood-burning stove.

The Yurt, which Rex hopes will hold up to 24 people, is awaiting its next phase of development –the refitting of an inner cotton lining. It had to be taken down because of the weather and a second attempt will be made in a bid to ensure the structure is fully covered and ‘weather-proofed’ before Christmas.

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