jag’s virtues take JP2F4S booklets to print

JP2F4S booklets

JP2F4S booklets

jag is proud to announce that the John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport (JP2F4S) Virtues booklets are now complete and our client tells us that orders are coming in!  And rightly so, as these booklets for schools are impressive, in terms of design and content.

It has been a long process to achieve the standard we envisaged.  The booklets began their journey as simple photocopied sheets of A4, which were tested out at a number of schools.  The feedback from students was blunt – they didn’t look good!  That was when jag was asked to come up with a design for three booklets that would appeal to students from age 7 through to 16.  As with any charity, there were limits to the budget, but expectations were still high.

A virtues from booklet 1

A virtue from booklet 1

Student pledge in each booklet

Student pledge in each booklet

After researching, primarily, sports magazines targeted at children and teenagers, we put forward a number of suggestions and our designer set about producing an initial mock-up. Whilst interesting, we felt it wasn’t sufficiently visual to attract and maintain attention, and so, with an enhanced brief, our designer reviewed the initial plan and came up with something much more appealing to the target age group.

The client opted to undertake the proofreading, which proved a challenge, but after a lot of hard work on everyone’s part, the booklets were ready for another trial.  Feedback from trainee teachers at St Mary’s University, Twickenham and a selected number of students in schools was impressive.  With a few additional tweaks suggested, we hit the home straight.


Tasks in each bookklet

Tasks in each booklet

jag drafted a foreword on behalf of Cardinal Vincent Nichols, which he duly endorsed, and a great cheer could be heard for miles around.

Intended for use in Catholic schools, jag will be moving on to design ‘secular’ versions to allow for their use in PSHE lessons in non-faith schools also.

A long journey, but a great result!

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