jag press & publicity designs a new handbook and wallet for John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport

jag press & publicity continues to deliver first class marketing collateral: here are just a couple more bits to come out of our busy office.

John Paul 2 Foundation 4 Sport required a handbook that would appeal to its members – young people in the main – and it had to include a variety of information about the organisation, Pope John Paul II, the organisation’s aims and objectives and the activities available from JP2F4S.

The booklet also needed to explore Pope John Paul II’s love of sport, clearly set out the commitments required before becoming a member of JP2F4S plus a whole host of other information.

It also needed to bright, cheerful, compact and long lasting!

With that in mind it then struck us here at jag press & publicity that young people would like a wallet to keep their handbook in – an Oyster card style holder was designed to compliment the booklet.

The clients, and here at jag press & publicity of course, think it all looks great and they are going like hotcakes.

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~ Ann Grain
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