"I wish I had come to you sooner"

~ Will Perry - Changing Post

I wish I’d come to you sooner. Before our meeting I was in a catch 22 situation – waiting for a time when I had ‘spare’ money for PR, yet I wasn’t generating new business. Now I have a targeted article soon to be published in a business magazine and I have a template bid document.

The new document sets out my products and services clearly, in simple language, and has given me a renewed vision and highlighted where my focus should be. I have already submitted three tender questionnaires in the last week and it was such an easy process.

jag makes it all easy and really practical and exciting because you get to the heart of the matter quickly – in fact you do what your strapline says…’delivering results’.

I’m looking forward to stage 2 of the PR strategy.”

jag press & publicity – vision

jag adds value to all the organisations and individuals it works with by bringing to each client the consultancy skills needed to provide direction and clarity in their communication objectives. [...]

~ Ann Grain
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